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Hire best real estate agent for your property

Today, most of the people rely on a real estate agent for selling and purchasing a property. Real estate agents are the people who understand the interest of the people who are planning to sell or purchase a property. With the help of a real estate agent, a property owner can get the maximum value of the money. There are many properties available for sale, and just because of this reason, it is not very easy to locate a buyer for the property. It would be better to ask for the help and assistance from the expert and knowledgeable Seattle real estate agents. They will solve all your difficulties that you are facing in selling your property.   

Agents should possess some important qualities that are essential for acquiring the attention of buyers. The knowledge of the estate agents helps the property owner to get the maximum amount for the money as well as also help a buyer to get the best property. One of the essential characteristic that a real estate agent should possess is better communication skills. He or she must be able to communicate and interact with the key players involve in the selling phase of the property. These are some important factors to look upon before hiring a real estate agent for your property.

Prepare your property for sale in Seattle

Real estate is a rapidly changing and growing industry. Buying and selling of property don’t involve any tricks, but it is only the matter of making the right decisions at the right time.  The right decisions are completely based on the knowledge and information you acquire from your real estate agent you choose for yourself. If you are ready to sell your home to the prospective buyers, then you need to do some preparations. Every corner of the house must be neat and clean. A professional level cleanliness must be done in order to attract buyers. The buyers never shy in checking the cupboards of every room, so cleanliness of that type of things must be taken care of. It is needed to make everything tidy that looks appealing.

If you are looking for the advice for preparing your property for sale in Seattle, then a real estate broker is the best option. Brokers will really help a house owner in preparing the property for a smooth sale. They have vast knowledge of the property market and will provide better advice than others.  The internet is the best source to find the expert real estate agents. They will never hesitate in telling you the cost of the services. If you have any queries in your mind, then you can submit on the websites of the brokers. Your real estate questions will soon be solved by them.

Acquire help from a good real estate broker

Are you really wanted to sell your property for the highest price? It is a daunting task to find a good value for your property. It is not an easy job to sell your property with the highest price in the shortest amount of time. But with the help of real estate property dealers, it becomes easy to get the right price for the property according to the current market condition.

In present scenario, there are many real estate brokers are available in the online market that believes in reducing the risks involved in the properties for sale. Their work is to coordinate with the client on a timely basis and handle all the details carefully associated with property selling. They work by understanding the needs of the clients and the present marketing trends.

It would be beneficial for all the people who want to sell their property to take the guidance of the real estate brokers. This guidance will really help in getting details about the money which you are going to pay for the property. This guidance will also help people to make the right decision at the right time. If you are looking for properties for sale in Northwest, then take help of the real estate market in order to make a wise investment.

What to Expect When Buying in Seattle

One of the most interesting and charming aspects about Seattle is that it has a huge variety of different neighborhoods, home styles, price ranges and views.  Seattle has more view opportunities than almost anywhere else in the Northwest.  There are views of Elliot Bay (the Puget Sound), the Olympic Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Mt. Rainier, Lake Washington, mountains, forests, and amazing city views including the waterfront and Space Needle.

Because of all the diversity in Seattle, Seattle experiences what we call “micro markets”. This means that within the city, from one neighborhood to the next, trends and appreciation rates vary greatly.  Even within a ½ mile of each other, prices and housing styles can make you feel like you just crossed the great divide.  

If you are looking for a great view in Seattle, or any property for sale in Seattle, start by determining how far you are willing to commute, what schools are a factor and what other important activities or places will factor into your decision to maintain your lifestyle.  This will help you narrow down the areas that you are willing to live and will help save you a lot of time in finding the perfect property.

If you are looking for a view property for sale in Seattle, you will likely pay a premium.  Views are costly and majority of views are unprotected (meaning that you may eventually lose the view if someone builds directly in your view).  There are locations within Seattle that afford fabulous views that can be less expensive, but they tend to be on the outskirts which means that it may be a longer commute and/or you will have to make some compromises if you were wanting to live “in-city”.  

Over the past years while many other areas in the nation have seen a housing slump and a slow re-start, Seattle seems to have outpaced a good portion of the rest of the nation.  In 2013, property prices climbed in Seattle while many buyers, particularly in hot price ranges saw multiple offers and first time homebuyers experienced a very difficult market to break into.  Sellers on the other hand, were in a favored position as market demand rose and homes that should have been exceptions to the market sold and for good prices.

It seems to reason that when you see a house that is somewhat on the edge of being overpriced, or is overpriced, is in a less than preferable location and doesn’t have a great floor-plan, that it should sit on the market and the sellers should lower the price.  Well, in a normal real estate market that would likely happen, however in Seattle in 2014, many of these homes are selling and sometimes with multiple offers. The reason? Supply and demand.  There is a limited number of homes in Seattle, and a rising number of people who want to live in close proximity to the things that matter to them and support their lifestyle.  This all means that in order to obtain a certain lifestyle, many buyers are willing to pay a little more to make it happen.  This can be a very emotional and personal decision so you can’t always anticipate nor put statistics on exactly what a buyer is willing to pay.  

However, in a market like this, it is very important for real estate brokers to provide guidance and the hard numbers to educate buyers on what they are paying for, when they are paying too much and help them to determine what the right decision is for them at this time.  

If you are considering looking at or buying Property for sale in Seattle, watching the real estate market and really understanding the neighborhoods and micro-markets that make up Seattle will help you to make a wise investment.

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Special Government Programs for Homebuyers

There are many types of different ways to sell a property.  In addition to a homeowner selling their primary residence, investors sell homes that they have renovated or previously rented out and several federal agencies have properties that they sell.  If you are looking for homes for sale Olympia wa, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sells both single-family homes and multi-family properties.

HUD offers special programs that allow people to purchase homes that might otherwise not be able to.

Good Neighbor Next Door:  Buying a home through the Good Neighbor Next Door initiative encourages law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and teachers to purchase homes in communities designed to encourage revitalization.  There are some substantial incentives to purchasing under this program. HUD provides a 50% discount off the list price of eligible properties. To find out more about the Good Neighbor Next Door program, visit the HUD website.

Nonprofits:  The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers community and faith-based organizations the opportunity to purchase HUD homes at large discounts up to 30%.

Or homebuyers who are looking at programs that might help them get into a house, The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has quite a few programs to help homebuyers.  

Basic Home Mortgage Loan 203(b):  This program provides mortgage insurance for a person to purchase or refinance a home. One of the benefits is that the eligibility requirements state that the borrower is eligible for approximately 96.5% financing. This means that the borrower under this program will only have to come up with a very small down payment of 4.5%. The borrower must meet all the other guidelines for an FHA loan.

Streamlined 203(k) Mortgage:  FHA’s Streamlined 203(k) program allows homebuyers and homeowners to finance up to $35,000 into the mortgage to repair, improve, or upgrade their home.  Home buyers can quickly access the cash to pay for property repairs or improvements such as those identified by a home inspector, or an FHA appraiser.   Homebuyers can make their home move-in ready by remodeling a bathroom, painting the interior or installing new carpet.   

Rehab a Home Using HUD’s 203(k) Mortgage:  The section 203 mortgage loans are the primary loans for rehabilitation and repair of single family homes.  Most mortgages only provide for permanent financing. This means that the lender will not close the loan on a property unless the condition and value of the property is equal to the loan.  When a home needs repairs or the current condition and value is less than what the borrower wants to borrower, a traditional loan will not be approved. Normally a borrower will have to obtain financing for the house in the current condition and then after the loan closes, the homeowner will have to try and get additional financing or borrow money to make the repairs. With the 203(k) mortgage program, the borrower can get just one mortgage that covers both the cost to buy the home and the cost of the repairs.  To provide funds for the repairs, the mortgage is based on the amount of the projected value of the home after the repairs are completed.   To be eligible, the property must be a one-to-four unit family dwelling that has been built and completed for at least one year.   Homes that will be demolished as part of the rehabilitation work, are eligible as long as the foundation system remains in place.   This program can be used to purchase a dwelling and the land and rehabilitate it.  Purchase a dwelling on another site, move it onto a new foundation on the mortgaged property and rehabilitate it, or refinance existing liens secured against the subject property and rehabilitate it.   The program will not include luxury improvements.  The homeowner can use the program to finance things like painting, room additions, decks, and other items even if the home does not need other repairs.  All health, safety and energy conservation items in the home must be addressed prior to completing other improvements.    

To find HUD homes or Homes for Sale Olympia WA you can search for properties on our website or you can visit the HUD website to read more about HUD’s programs.

5 Things to Consider When Looking to Buy Waterfront Property

Whether you are looking for lakefront, riverfront, or salt-waterfront property, the Thurston county area offers no shortage of waterfront properties for sale in Olympia with breathtaking views from east to west and north to south.

For most people, buying waterfront property is more about buying a lifestyle than just a piece of property. The scenic lakes and salt water inlets in Olympia have lured families to their shores for generations to fish, boat and swim.  There is no shortage of waterfront properties in Olympia including inexpensive cabins to luxury homes, there are waterfront properties for sale in Olympia for every budget.


Many factors influence property value.  Boat landings, bulkheads, size of bank, restrictions, tideal boundaries, When considering buying waterfront property, there are ten important things you should consider before you start your search.

1. What kind of water frontage do you want? The frontage refers to how many sides of the property are fronted by the water. It’s important to learn about the different types of water frontage that are available as they impact not only the value of the land but what you can do with the property.

2. Do you want to be able to have a boat? The size of your boat is a critical factor in finding the right waterfront property where you can dock your boat in and out easily. Some lakes restrict the size of boats and the size of docks that you can build. TIf the property doesn’t currently have a dock it isn’t guaranteed that you will be able to build one.

3. Are you looking for a quiet setting where you can swim, kayak or canoe? If you are looking for that serene waterfront setting, you will want to check into what types of restrictions are on boating, jet skis and whether the waterway is a major thoroughfare.  Finding a place that is not overrun with large boats and high traffic may be important.

4. What you want to be able to harvest shellfish? Since July 1, 1983 has it been possible to lease the beds of all navigable tidal waters for the cultivation of oysters or other shellfish. The waterfront property that you are looking at may or may not include the rights to the tidelands in front of the home. The tidelands may be leased out so that you would regularly have tons of people in front of the home harvesting oysters or shellfish, or it could be owned by a company that seeds and harvests large scale oyster beds.  The tidelands are not automatically included in the sale of waterfront property.   

5. Consider the kind of typography you want. With waterfront property, views are extremely important to the value of the land. It is essential that you understand how the house sits, or where you can build in relation to the waterfront. You need to be comfortable with any buffer requirements, setbacks or tree thinning that might be required with the property.


If you are considering looking for waterfront properties for sale in Olympia or other areas in Washington, work with an expert at Williams Stoffle Real Estate who can help guide you to that perfect waterfront property to call your next home.

Valuing a Home with a View is an Art Not a Science

There are many different types of views when it comes to homes in the Olympia area.  A property’s value an go up or down thousands of dollars based only on the view, whether it’s an actual view or the potential view.

Experts calculate many different factors in valuing a view.  Is the view permanent, meaning it will never go away (like in the case of waterfront property) or is the view fleeting during winter months when the trees drop their leaves, but in the summer it’s obscured.  Could someone build in front of, or adjacent to the property and if so, what is the likelihood that the view may be blocked. Often times view properties in the same neighborhood or location or valued differently because the exact location of the property or home impacts the total view package.
Often, what one person considers a great view may not be perceived as that great of a view by someone else. Views are extremely subjective in determining price and value of a home. If you do a search for homes with views for sale in Olympia on the Williams Stoffle real estate website, you will find a huge variety of different homes in all price ranges with just as many different kinds of views.

If you have a home a view home that you are selling, there are some key things that you want to gather before determining what to price your home at that can help protect and add value to your home.

1. Are there any restrictions recorded on your title that have an impact to the view
2. Are there any restrictions on adjacent properties that would impact your view (for example the neighbor might have a height restriction that limits them building above a single story which would protect your view)
3. Are there any local ordinances or restrictions that might impact your view now or in the future
4. If you have an agreement with a neighbor about trimming trees or the height of a fence that helps to protect your views, make sure that you officially record that agreement. By recording it, you are adding value to your home by helping to support the longevity of your views.  
5. Do you have vacant land in front of you or adjacent to you that would impact your view if they built on it?  If so, try working out a deal with the neighbor for the air rights or a restriction on how high they can build.

The art of pricing a view property comes with years of experience in selling properties with views, seeing what the market will bear and what buyers are looking for and understanding how to market a view home based on those unique qualities. Each view home by nature is special, because no two views are identical.

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Amazing Deal or Potential Nightmare?

For many across the nation, owning waterfront property is a dream for most and a reality only for the rich and famous.  While places like California and Florida see astronomical prices associated with any type of waterfront property, that is not the case in many counties in Washington State.  

In the South Puget Sound area, one can find waterfront property priced anywhere from $30K to 3 million dollars. For example in a quick search of listings there is waterfront property available for sale in ____ for $    while the highest priced waterfront property in Thurston County shows.

Price alone should not be the driving factor in purchasing a waterfront property.  Buying waterfront property is one of the trickiest types of real estate purchases. It can be a legal nightmare for buyers who don’t know the nuances and pitfalls of owning property on the water.  

What seems like an amazing deal at first glance could actually turn out to be a nightmare if the potential buyer doesn’t understand all the issues facing waterfront property.  There can be buildability issues, access rights, wetland restrictions, dock limitations, deed restrictions, “land gaps” that can block access to the water and “easements” that can grant access to the water through the property. If there are creeks or other water on the property they have a whole different set of restrictions and laws governing them.  In addition if the property is on salt water there are many restrictions and laws around tidal lands and the shorelines in Washington State. Also don’t forget that flood insurance when you are on a river, creek or waterfront needs to be considered.     

You have to do your due diligence when considering waterfront acreage for sale in Olympia or any other city in Washington. Additionally having a real estate broker on your side who is well versed in waterfront properties is essential.

Don’t assume anything before you buy a piece of property. You need to check everything out about the property as it sits now and for any potential uses in the future. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to buying waterfront.

Who will be living next door can become a major component in whether the property becomes your dream home or your nightmare.  If you are dreaming of having quiet mornings drinking your coffee on the porch and watching the Olympia wildlife come and go across the water, only to find out a month into living there that your next door neighbor and their friends are huge fans of their jet skis, you might wish you had looked at other waterfront acreage for sale in Olympia.

If a property appears too good to be true, or the price seems really low then there is almost always a reason behind it and as an informed buyer you want to know exactly what that reason is. While you can find good deals all across the Puget Sound on waterfront property you can also end up with a nightmare if you don’t do your due diligence and ensure that your purchase and sale agreement “the contract” gives you the options to get out if you find out that it is too good to be true. 

A Tale of Two Markets: Luxury and Everything Else

What is a Luxury Home?

Residential real estate can be broken down into two categories, luxury and everything else. For most, luxury properties are something viewed as unobtainable, yet highly desirable.  For some, luxury properties are an absolute way of life and finding a luxury property specialist Olympia is an absolute necessity. Luxury homes stand out in the marketplace. Most often they have a unique or distinct feature that sets them apart in their markets.

Luxury properties are defined as the top 5-10% of a specific real estate market.  In the Pacific Northwest, we have seen luxury homes priced upwards of 29 million dollars in the Seattle area, but how does the definition of luxury change when you move out of the Seattle area. What defines a luxury home in Olympia, Washington for instance?   

The total home sales reported by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service from March 2013 to February 2014 in Thurston County was 3398 sales and only 150 of those sales were over $500,000. There were 28 sales in the $600-700K range and only 2 sales over 1 million dollars.   If you consider the top 5-10% of the real estate market in Thurston County, than a luxury home in Thurston County is any home valued at $500,000 and above.

What can you expect to get for over $500,000 in Thurston County?

Cost is based on amenities and condition, but mostly it is based on location.  Homes that are priced in the luxury category, are going to likely have larger lots, spectacular views, waterfront, more square footage and high end finishes overall.  Spacious floor plans with things like wine cellars, chef’s kitchens, high-end bathrooms, extra garage space and well-manicured grounds are all commonly found in luxury properties around the Olympia area.

How Can I Purchase a Luxury Home in Thurston County or Find a Luxury Property Specialist Olympia?

Luxury homes are unique when it comes to buying and selling them.  Because of the unique characteristics of a property, a luxury property specialist will know how to best market and find the right buyer for a property.  Many luxury properties are purchased using cash transactions or with large down payments, although in the Olympia area many luxury homes are still financed with jumbo loans.  Almost all luxury homes in the area are listed through real estate brokerages like Williams Stoffle Real Estate and marketed through the Northwest Multiple Listing Service to cooperating brokers.  If you want to find a luxury property, you can search online based on criteria that you set, but working with a luxury property specialist Olympia area will ensure that you don’t waste time or money as they will know the properties and be able to match your lifestyle and desires with the right house.

The market tends to be quite different for luxury properties than it is for the general real estate market. The reason is that there is a much smaller sub-set of buyers who are qualified and interested in purchasing luxury properties.  Additionally when a buyer is seeking a luxury property, it is not so much about finding a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that checks off the list of requirements like in a regular market, but instead luxury property buyers are looking to find the right blend of unique attributes that matches their lifestyle.  Because luxury properties tend to be unique in their own right, they may not appeal to all buyers and finding that one person that is the right fit may take longer.  The bottom line is that in general, as a rule luxury properties do take longer than the regular market to sell.  If homes in the regular price ranged market are being sold in a few weeks, it is not an indication that a luxury home will sell just as fast.  It may take a few months or more or less to sell a luxury property in the same market.  

Whether buying or selling luxury properties, it is advisable to find and work with a Luxury Property Specialist Olympia to guide you through positioning and negotiating the sale in the best possible way for the current market.

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